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ELR, or Extreme Long Range, is the next big thing in competitive shooting.

Outside of hunting, it's our true passion. And we're making our Rougaroo™ rifles the go-to

for anyone that wants to be competitive in this sport! Ranging anywhere from 1 mile to

as far as you can push yourself, we have a rifle for you.

Our rifles are built on Stiller's Precision TAC-408 actions, available with the XLR's Evo HD chassis.

Choose between stainless or carbon fiber barrels*. All rifles come with Timney's new H.I.T. trigger,

40moa picatinny scope base, one magazine, threaded muzzles, a hard case &


Please note that our entry-level rifle is actually our Overwatch™ model chambered in 300 Norma.

If that's what you're interested in, please go back to the Overwatch™ model page.

Otherwise, continue here and let's start building your new CheyTac caliber rifle!

Proof Research carbon fiber barrels are available only in the 375 CT caliber.

All rifles are custom-made to order and are not available for immediate delivery.

Lead times will vary based on supplier lead times and current build schedule.