Generation 2

We brought back the tried-and-true LRP™ precision hunting & competition rifle model because of customer demand. Now we've increased the performance level by introducing new, state-of-the-art components. You can choose from three different action types and two types of barrels:  full stainless or carbon fiber wrapped barrels from PROOF Research. We've also introduced two new stock lines, both made from 100% carbon fiber for added strength and decreased weight. The ability to achieve a sub-8 pound rifle has never been easier! We've also introduced two new chassis options for those that prefer them:  the Envy Pro from XLR and the HRS from MDT. And of course, we've kept the industry-leading performance of the HIT trigger from Timney for all configurations.

The LRP™ Gen2 rifles are available in 30+ calibers & ranges from $3,890 - $4,945 depending on stock and barrel options. That includes all Cerakote™ and a hard case. Click the link below to start the conversation about building your new, favorite rifle!

  • Barrel Options: 

    • Proof Research full stainless 

    • Proof Research carbon fiber wrapped stainless

  • Standard Trigger:  Timney HIT flat shoe

  • Magazine Options:  (depending on stock choice)

    • AICS M5 DBM

    • HS Precision Low-Profile DBM

  • Standard Muzzle Brake:  Area419's Hellfire™

  • Stock Options:  

    • AG Composite's CAT​ (carbon fiber)

    • AG Composite's Gladius (carbon fiber)

    • AG Composite's Adjustable Hunter (carbon fiber)

    • XLR Industries' Envy Pro chassis

    • MDT's HRS chassis

  • Included features:

    • all Cerakote™​

    • Area419's Hellfire™ muzzle brake

    • hard case

    • 20moa picatinny scope base