Class Warfare

First, I'd like to quote an industry friend Caylen who said (paraphrasing) " doesn't matter. shooting is shooting.". Or if you prefer a more mainstream quote, "run your bolt. not your mouth."

Get ready for some major ass chapping to come out of this post. I can hear the screaming butthurt now.

There are many reasons why I no longer shoot organized competitions. Besides not having the time to practice or make room in the schedule for 3 days somewhere across the county, the biggest reason is because rednecks and other lazy trigger pullers have turned organized competitions into class warfare. "Well, you don't shoot the same caliber as I do so...." "You're not shooting [insert latest internet forum fanboi caliber of choice here]." "I'm military or LEO so we shoot differently than they do." "Your gun isn't made by so and so, it is inferior." The list of excuses goes on and on.

I don't get it it. Actually, in its virgin, unmolested form, I do get it. But like all things competitive, somewhere along the line, the Green Weenie comes out and someone gets the idea to game the system to give them a perceived advantage over someone else - or to make them feel better because they placed 57th but they were first in their class - so yeah, they get a trophy. Yes, I'm talking about the class system. I think 99.9% of the people out there have forgotten where they came from. They forgot that, at one time, they were a beginner (and judging by some people's lack of fundamental skills, they're still a beginner). They didn't have the latest greatest gizmo. They weren't "master class" or "top 10". Hell, 99% of the people still aren't "master class" or "top 10". Even worse, those belly shooters who shoot the same damn club match every month and then proceed to scream at the masses how they won and that they're the best (but that's a story for another time).

Call me stupid. Call me beligerent. Call me an asshole. I don't care. Shooting is shooting. Put me up against whoever else is out there. Everyone's on the same playing field. Everyone learns something from someone else (or they should if they're honest with themselves). Fuck the class system. You either did well today or you didn't. Stop chasing points. Stop belittling everyone else. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Own your day - good or bad. Just own it. I think I speak for most people when I say we don't give two flying rat fucks what your rank is, what your classification is, where you come from, who built your rifle, or how many names you have printed on your shirt. If you do, ok, great. But don't force feed us that crap. You're the problem with this industry. Own it.

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