There are bolts. And then there are bolts.

Let’s talk about bolt quality & how that affects overall accuracy of a rifle system. 🧐

The top bolt assembly is a factory R700 and the bottom assembly is one of ours for a Kelbly’s Atlas Tactical. Notice two things: 1) the difference in uniformity of the spring under compression, & 2) the shape of the pin tip. 🤓

Why is that important? First, a spring that is allowed to move in all 3 dimensions + has excessive and/or uneven pressure, can not and will not provide both consistent lock time or pin strike. Secondly, the R700 pin has no guide sleeve made into the bolt. It literally bounces around inside the bolt until it strikes the primer - where that will be from shot to shot, no one ever really knows. 👀

Now consider the distance the pin has to travel from its locked position to the primer cup. As seen in the 2nd and 3rd pictures, the R700 literally travels 3x as far before it reaches the guide sleeve inside the bolt head compared to the Kelbly’s bolt. (Side note: 4140 Chrome Moly steel used by Remington is more susceptible to, and it happens exponentially sooner, plastic deformation under pressure than the 416 Stainless used by Kelbly’s. 💯

These are just a few of the reasons why we choose to use actions made by a company with more national and world records than any other manufacturer.

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