Brandon, Mississippi / A custom rifle manufacturer


The Overwatch™ model is designed to win. Period.

We've proven these rifles out to 2010 yards in competition and expo's.

No one else has. We know because we've beaten them.

Every rifle comes with our LIFETIME WARRANTY, built on a Stiller's Precision TAC-30 or TAC-300 action, your choice of stainless or carbon fiber barrel, 20moa picatinny scope base, a Timney's new H.I.T. trigger, one magazine, a hard case and the test target showing a 5-shot group no bigger than 0.500" using factory Hornady ammunition (most average 0.375" groups).

Choose from the McMillan Adjustable A6 (with slant or butt-hook), MDT's ACC chassis or XLR's Envy chassis.  The A6 is available in any of the color swatches below.  All rifles are custom-made to order and are not available for immediate delivery.  Lead times vary depending on supplier lead times and current build schedule.  Please note that 338-based calibers are +$200.

McMillan A6 (with PRS slant)
XLR's Envy chassis