Ruger american™ Performance Package

One of the best off-the-shelf hunting rifles made in recent history is the Ruger American™.  For less than $500, you get a rifle that's destined to hunt. However, we've found ways to make it better. Using either a brand new factory rifle, or using your existing rifle, we gut it and build it back up to surgical performance standards.  It's available to your choice of the LSS-XL Gen2 chassis from MDT or with the Magpul Hunter chassis. And you can choose either a solid stainless or carbon fiber wrapped barrel blank from PROOF Research that we'll then machine and fit for proper minimum SAAMI specs.  All plastic and MIM components are replaced with billet machined options for improved performance.

The Ruger American™ Performance Package starts at just $2,000. Options for hard cases and optics are available. Click the button below to start the conversation about getting your rifle improved to surgical standards.