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Tikka™ rifles are known to be one of the best out of the box rifles in terms of accuracy and reliability. But that doesn't mean that improvements can't be made.  We start by gutting the entire rifle, saving just the action and bolt. All plastic and MIM parts are replaced with machined billet pieces - like the bolt shroud, bolt stop, picatinny scope base and the bolt lift to name a few. Then we take a barrel blank from PROOF Research, in your choice of solid 416 Stainless or Carbon Fiber wrapped barrel and machine it for a tight, snug, minimum SAAMI fit chamber. The muzzles are all threaded according to caliber selection.  We can do this with your existing rifle or we can do it from a factory fresh option. It's nestled in an Alpine stock from Mesa Precision Arms, made of 100% carbon fiber, with your choice of factory bottom metal or the M5 pattern AICS DBM.

These rifles start at just $3,880 and include a hard case, all shipped to your local FFL. Click the link below to start the conversation about how we can get you out there shooting more.